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587, 589, 591 Talbot Street, London, Ontario N6A 2T2, Telephone: 519-438-8941

We are a community of people living in 64 apartments/units in three separate buildings:

    Talbot ~ seven floor building (1, 2, and 3 bedrooms)
    Old Kent ~ three floor walk-up (1 bedrooms)
    Lichfield ~ three floor walk-up (small 2 bedrooms)

Mary Campbell is a federal co-op and is self-governed through the membership and co-operative management.  The objective is to attract members from a wide variety of backgrounds and through social activities we maintain a warm community spirit at Mary Campbell.

Through member participation in the running of our Co-op a strong community is built.

By knowing and talking to your neighbours you can not only get very good recipes, but also good ideas about everything.


    •    1, 2, and 3 bedroom units
    •    Ample parking
    •    Wheelchair accessibility
    •    Non-profit housing charges
    •    Housing charge assistance (upon availability)
    •    Children’s playground
    •    Composting & recycling
    •    Community room with kitchen
    •    Meeting rooms
    •    Storage & bicycle rooms


Right in the heart of downtown London!  Mary Campbell Co-op is close to it all.

Shops, fresh food & farmer’s market, schools, theatre, restaurants, art galleries, parks, concert venues, and libraries can all be found within a short walk of our home.


Beautiful 1.6 acre lot overlooking the Thames River at

Blackfriars Bridge from the Talbot Building

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